How To Stop Snoring With Devices

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I know that I snore a lot and I know that it keeps my wife from going to sleep. It is the main reason why I want to try to stop snoring as quickly as possible. My wife is elementary school teacher, so she has to wake up early in the morning and I don't want to be the cause of her being tired for work. Yesterday I did some research on yahoo on how to prevent snoring. I found a couple things that I actually want to try out. One of them is a stop snoring mouthpiece. It is supposed to stop snoring as soon as you use it. It has many great reviews, but I still want to test it out. I'm willing to try almost anything right now to help my wife get better sleep.

Some of the reviews on the website say the device works, but it can cause jaw pain. I'm not a huge fan of having pain, but at the product works I can probably tolerate it. I think it is only painful for the first couple of days, if it's not that I would try something else. There is also a stop snoring pillow which I am going to try out if the mouthpiece doesn't work. The only reason I'm trying out the mouthpiece first is because it's cheaper. The mouthpiece only cost $10 compared to the pillow, which cost $45. Hopefully the mouthpiece works and doesn't cause jaw pain.